Real Easy School Lunches: Snacks # 7 – Other Snacks & Stuff

Nearing the end of Term 2 of school, you might have found yourself, at times, a bit stuck as to what to include in the lunch box.

NOT because you are feeling an pressure to up the ante, increase variety and carve a mammoth out of a watermelon for school, but because you bought up on crisp bread or carrots to see you through, and the little fuckers have eaten it all.

Sometimes you just haven’t had the opportunity to go shopping as often as you’d’ve liked.

And sometimes, you’re just overtired, overstressed and can’t think, but would like something quick and easy that requires little to no preparation, and possibly puts as much distance between you and the knife block as possible, for the health, safety and well being of everyone.

I have mentioned the popcorn idea previously, which does have the added benefit of drowning out the Sounds of Squabbling. Once it’s popped, it’s as simple as grabbing an handful and placing it in the lunch box or a separate container.

Or a brown paper bag, tied up with string if you so desire.

Other fabulous Grab A Handful and Toss It Idea, aside from some fruits and veg we’ve already covered, is fruit of the dried variety!

And dried fruit comes in a heap of varieties, so if you

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  1. I’ve been throwing in jatz crackers because we are running out of stuff. Heidi was rather dismayed there was no dip, but found a solution herself, dip the crackers in your yogurt. Apparently it is delicious.

    1. Ooh. Nice.

      Kids eat – and will try/experiment with – the most revolting combinations. Which is totally cool if they like it.

      And if I don’t hear about it – LALALALALALA

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