Real Easy School Lunches: Snacks #8 – But wait, there's more, Other Other Snacks!

They (whoever “they’ is/are) say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Which is one of my justifications for including this particular little gem in the school lunch box. In fact, this has been an inclusion from almost Day One! Over time it has become a staple for one child, and a last minute filler for another. For when my brain refuses to kick in until it has had another coffee, it is something I resort to.

Bite sized cereal – for us, specifically, it is what we call “Fruity Bix” but I think the name has changed somewhat and is now called Weet Bix Fruity or Weet Bix Fruit Bites or something.

Whatevs, it works for us.

Flicking through some more images I have taken, I have discovered they also make a fantastic top up for when you’ve run out of one of your other usuals! How awesome is that?!

Finally, another one to add to your Crisp Bread and Crackers list

4 Replies to “Real Easy School Lunches: Snacks #8 – But wait, there's more, Other Other Snacks!”

  1. I love the real lunch movement. I’ve been doing the cereal for years, though not quite as creatively as yours. Friday is know as the ‘we’re out of food’ day so lunch has been know to consist of a bag of cheerios, a dry biscuit and half an orange.

  2. I’m completely out of knowns. (I hope my ‘n’ appeared in the word this time). I’m an editor so my life depends on it.

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