Real Easy School Lunches: Tips #3 – Out of Bread, Help?!


It had to happen … were, what, two and a half weeks into Term 3 and it happened!

I should add “Again!” ‘cos this is about the third time this year, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you with too much info, too soon!

Anyhoo, you may well have guessed by the title that I am Out Of Bread. This means No Bread For School Lunches!


Or not really.

I am now a veteran of the Out Of Bread Therefore No Bread For School Lunches phenomena, and I simply whip up a goats cheese, baby spinach and prosciutto tart. The pastry, or course, is made from scratch!

Oh, ok, that last bit may have been a bit of bullshit.

No, what I actually do after nagging someone to go and get bread and am ignored, and then am highly rushed, is the Crisp Bread For Main Lunch scenario.

I’ve spoken of them previously in relation to snacks, but they make excellent replacements for the actual sandwich.

You still have the benefit of selecting whatever filling (spread, whatever) you’d like to put on it, you just … and this is the important tip …

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