Real Easy School Lunches: Tips #4 or Snacks #9 – Snack Variety Options

Whoops – sorry.

I did say the last school lunch thingy was the last one, but I had to do something today that I thought I’d share, and kinda could be considered a tip for variety (or another tip for something you could do in case of caffeine deprived brain malfunction – either way, it’ll work).

Littlest One likes tomato in his lunch box and usually we’d have cherry tomato (when we have them) or something else entirely after a tantrum and some clever distraction-type manoeuvres on my part.

Today, also aided by the near-dire need to perform a grocery shop, he had tomato type tomatoes in his lunchbox.

Done just like this:

Yeah, it requires some cutting and stuff, so a small amount of work required.

Which brings me onto variety. You

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