Real Easy School Lunches: What do you want?

My little service announcement last week generated much relief. More relief than discussion, really, which was nice … I heard a collective sigh from mums all over Australia.

It was nice, and quite possibly the cause of an offshore cyclone somewhere such was the velocity of the aforementioned sigh.

Not long after that post, on my personal Facebook profile, I did as I promised, and posted a picture of one of the components of one of my three children’s school lunches.

I did go a little bit fancy for the occasion; it was for my eldest and it was his first day of high school.

I referred to this creation then, and still do, as “A ham sandwich cut into two triangley halves” and presented it pretty much like this:

Normally, there wouldn’t be anything quite so fancy as “ham” and we’d usually stick with a variety of spread that include Vegemite, … and, nope, that’s about it.

Those privy to this image/school lunch asked a number of questions, which I will answer in due course (possibly in a blog post on this very blog in the near future). Indeed, I, as founder of Real Mums, would like to provide you with a number of informative posts and other resources pertaining to The School Lunch.

Before I do though, I need to know what you would like.

Before I ask you what you’d like – and before you tell me – there are a few things you probably need to know about me and where I am coming from with this.

Firstly, my family like to refer to me as The Food Police.

Rest assured, this is utter nonsense!

I am more along the lines of a Food Nazi.

No, just joking. I’m not really.

I do, however, walk a very fine line between the creating of school lunches as viewed in vast numbers on Pinterest, Facebook and various other parenting websites, blogs and communities that proclaim “easy” school lunches (but are only easy if you live in opposite land) and tossing a handful of packets into a lunchbox.

I am slightly more anal than “the average” about the nutritional side of school lunches, but in my defence, I also have plenty of years of work in the health and fitness industry, specialising on the issue of obesity, and a degree that included numerous subjects relating to nutrition as it relates to wellbeing (physical, psychological and emotional) … i.e. I have a little more knowledge on the top than “the average”.

(And I don’t say that to say “I’m better than you”. Not at all, it is merely an explain my slight obsession and slightly above average analness with nutrition, and to reassure you that I do have a bit of an idea about the nutritional side of school lunches.)

I also understand the realities of Life with a Family, the Mother Guilt that can lead to feelings from mild grumpiness through to wrist slitting and debilitating depression.

Mostly, I am a selfish cow and just want to make my life as easy as possible!

Thus, I have made my life easy, and also reduced my expense, waste and time spent on things that, at the end of the day – quite literally – turn to shit.

(As my dad always used to say “It doesn’t matter what it looks like! It all comes out the same a day later!” He had some very wise moments, that man!)

So … I wish to share with you some of this wisdom, and the things I have learnt over the last dozen years or so.

Therefore, tell me, when it comes to school lunches, what do you want? I can offer you:

  • a series of randomly spaced blog posts that cover all aspects of school lunches, from main lunch and snacks, to preparation techniques and even some nutritional info as well
  • a downloadable “Real Easy School Lunches” ideas sheet; a page or two long
  • a short e-book or download of sorts, that consist of all the above
  • a longer e-book/download of sorts that contains all of the above in a lot more detail

I will also throw in, for free, some very special Mad Cow Tips in those bottom two options, and possibly the top option. Maybe.

I can answer your questions as they come in, if you’d like that.

All I ask is that you don’t say “I want this” then have a screaming tantrum because you really want something else,

8 Replies to “Real Easy School Lunches: What do you want?”

  1. Ideas sheet please! Then I can stick it on the pantry door ant point to when horrid teenagers say they don’t know what to take for lunch 🙂

  2. Can I opt for all of the above?? I think a short e book would be great! But please do not deprive us of your daily witty photos and antidotes which keep me highly amused in my time of need!!

  3. I second Ideas Sheets!
    * sandwich fillings
    * easy alternatives to sandwiches (for those rare days when there IS a bit of extra time, or when leftovers from dinner are an option)
    * non-egg, non-nut stuff (best mate is anaphylactic to both)
    * snack ideas for recess
    * lists of seasonal fruit/vegies that are easy to take
    * food that’s quick and easy to EAT – especially at kindy and primary school, kids don’t get long to eat their lunch. Last year Fraser would often bring home half a sandwich because he didn’t get through it in time, probably too much talking but not always.
    * safe food packing and storage when fridges aren’t available

    And tips on how to deal with the “Vegemite sandwiches again? Your child *does* get a lot of sodium, doesn’t he?” bitch-arse teacher (that we only experienced for a week, but that was long enough!).

  4. Im not doing nothing more comlex than sandwhiches. He seems to only like jam. I want some EASY nutfree musli bars recipes. And just ideas for a nutirious lunch. My boy also runs out of time so eats very little.

  5. Thank you all for your prompt feedback and no screaming demands that I deliver a report in the shape of a dinosaur!

    No, wait a star.


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