Real Family Breakfasts

Having eaten breakfast for 37 years now I believe I can safely claim the status of breakfast expert, and today I’m here to talk to you about ways you can make breakfast fun for your family. By fun I mean, you don’t end up spending half your day cleaning cereal off the floor, walls and chairs and crying over the spilled milk.

Step One: we’re gonna have fun.

Step Two: hunt down and shoot the person who put a New Kids on the Block earworm in your head. Oh, wait that is me, never mind.

Moving along …

Step Three: place cereal bowls and spoon, preferably on a table, but other solid surfaces such as kitchen bench or floor will also work.

Step Four: this here is the tricky bit, invest in cereal boxes your children can comfortably hold and have some control over whilst pouring. I find the small size box works well for this purpose*. Or if the savings on the super gigantic medium car sized box are too good to go past, then get a container to decant the cereal into.

Addendum to Step Four: it helps to take the kids to the supermarket and practice pouring from cereal boxes to see which they can grasp most easily, however DO NOT open the boxes, turns out that makes store managers unhappy.

:: walks away whistling innocently::

Step Five: if you are very lucky you have a child who prefers dry cereal and you can now proceed to the “just eat your breakfast already, we are running late, no don’t play with your lego, eat.your.breakfast.” stage of the morning routine. For the rest of us there is milk to be contend with… or in the case of that one hippie boyfriend I had at university, Orange Juice – On.Cereal! :: THE HORROR:: but you know, whatever floats your boat, or cereal.

Step Six: the milk, again try to purchase containers that the children find easy to pour from and that they can control the direction the liquid is going in. Those 3L jugs of milk are great at ending up mostly all over my table and floor. Once again you can decant if necessary.

Addendum to Step Six…. see that addendum to step four up there? Well that goes double for milk, practice away at the grocery store, but opening it to pour on the cereal you already tipped on the floor gets you banned for life… or at least till they forgot what you look like.

And there you go, breakfast in 6 and a bit easy steps.

My husband likes to get the cereal, bowls and spoons all set out the evening before, to reduce the amount of “OMG you do realise you forgot the bowl, don’t you?” type discussions. However I think it teaches the children vital independence skills, as does cleaning up all the spilled cereal and milk.

*it is possible I like buying all the smaller cereal boxes because it gives me a great excuse to slip in some CocoPops for me… they are not unhealthy in small portions, right ?

Written by Marita who writes at Stuff With Thing about life, the universe and Autism.

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