Real Good Breakfast Deal

I know I’ve been banging on about school lunches for a while and do think they, even the really easy to whip up ones, are very important for a kid’s ability to play and run around and concentrate and learn and not be a pain in the bum in the classroom.

One of the components, I believe, that contributes to the benefits of a school lunch is a decent breakfast.

Breakfast is an essential element of one’s day and extremely important. I get very, very cross when I hear one has not had breakfast. Personally, I do not really care what you do for the rest of the day so long as you

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  1. Love my Aussie Farmers Direct morning deliveries. I was excited to see they’ve added multipacks of lunch box snacks. We’ve been getting the 5am yogurt for a while now and it is the one yogurt in the world I find edible, you can have all the other yogurt, I dont’ want it. As for savoury stuff the popcorn is mega salty so I can’t recommend it, but their corn chips are delicious, love and so easy to toss in the lunch box, perhaps even add a little container of salsa to go with it if I’m feeling enthused.

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