Real Mums Blog is Back, Baby!


What an absolute rollercoaster ride the last couple of months have been!

Apologies for being out of action and, therefore, not providing you with a realistic insight into the realities of parenting, media reports and research and common social discourse around the issues of mothering in Australia today for the last couple of …well, it feels like forever! I’ve missed it so much.

A bit of an update to let you all in on the craziness this side of the screen; we’ve (the Tech Fairies and I) madly been working on the new website and online community for Aussie mums. It’s looking very pretty.

It has also been fraught with tecnical nonsensicalities that cause me to make up words like “nonsensicalities” 🙂

It is coming along nicely, albeit extremely s l o w l y, as is the nature of techinomological whatnots.

In the meantime, I moved house/office space, which was fraught with it’s own particular little set of dramas (you can read about them on my personal blog, Diary of a Mad Cow, just here) and figured, while we were all waiting, I could just get this fabulous little blog up and running again, to give you something intellectual to read, and a sense of normality, adequacy and fun.

Sadly, the Universe wasn’t finished screwing with my head, and aside from deciding now would be a good time for my tweenager to start acting like a teenager (I swear my eleven year old boy is really a sixteen year old girl), the Asperger’s to kick up a notch in my nine year old, and the recently upgraded

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