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  1. I really enjoyed this quirky book.
    I found myself googling the rock stars she was writing about and everytime I heard one of their songs on the radio (I have to listen to golden oldies at work) I felt like I had insider knowledge.
    The insight into the life of the nazi survivor’s was so heart breaking.

  2. It was a bit to fluffy for me. And the styling of the writing in the book got to me, how it would snap between times with no break or new chapter, or just something to make you realise you jumped forward or back in time. It felt like there was so much missing about her life. You got so much about her parents when she was young and how surviving the death camps affected her, but then you got nothing about the people she married, why they broke up, when her Mum died, etc. I felt like I was only told half the story.

    Her fixation on her weight was irritating. I know, for me personally, my body image is a big player in my mind a lot, but I don’t discuss my weight with strangers, and famous ones at that.

    I did wonder however, if there was some truth to the people she interviewed, what they said, how they seemed to open up to Lola and how they remembered her. Were these people really like this in real life, or did she just use the persons name and mixed fiction with some facts?

  3. That’s what I found intriguing, too – what was it about Lola that had them open up to her? Was it that she opened up to them; about her weight and/or her parents past? That they felt safe sharing with her as she had shared with them?

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