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As the weekend looms, it reminds me that the ‘weekend’, traditionally, is time to relax, recuperate and allow the body to rejuvenate for the week to come. It is a time to get done those relaxing tasks you don’t get to do all week, to finish and odd job or two, paint the back steps or plant a tree ….

I’m not sure what fantasy planet these things happen on. I spend my weekend running around from suburb to suburb the first day, trying not to lose my temper, and follow up on the second day with some quality family time; we call this Family Day. Each Family Day traditionally begins with a whining serenade about how “boring” Family Day is and how they (the kids) would rather just not go and stay at home.

If it weren’t for the fact you can now be fined, arrested and charged for leaving kids at home, I probably would. The unfair thing is that

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