Real Mums Resources: 2015 Mayhem Managers

Are you like Ava up there?

Frustrated? Sick of the morning crap? Every. Single. Morning?

Yeah, me, too.

Which is how the idea of Mayhem Mangers came about in the first place. Because I was not only losing my mind, and losing control of my life, but I couldn’t find anything out there that suited my needs.

Sure, there are some good ideas, but I felt they focussed more on being ‘pretty’ than on being ‘practical’.

The pretty was starting to shit me, especially given how much space the ‘pretty’ was taking up, leaving bugger all room to write down all the stuff I needed to write down in order to regain some semblance of control over my life.

Wrist-slitting became a valid option, but I figured I’d give some faffing about with some sort of planny-organisery thing a go first.

I did, and now I have MUCH more control over ALL areas of my life, and the kids are more sorted in the mornings, and I do quite a lot less yelling and being all frazzled and forgetting things … like where I should be, with whom, and when.


And because of the way the Mayhem Mangers are set up, and the fact they are more practical than pretty, and WAY more versatile, they are useful for any person in the house, in all areas of the house.

Sanity. Saved!

Anyhoo, the

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