Real Mums Review & A Giveway: Flutter Butter Popcorn!

One of the things the primary school one of my kids goes to, is have what they call a “Grazing Table”.

Essentially, all kids (technically the parents) are stuck on the roster to provide the class with some small snack-like things that they can nibble on throughout the day.

There are, of course, rules around what can be provided.

Also, I usually get handed the roster the day before it is Middlest Child’s day – a.k.a My Turn.

It is invariably inevitable that we’e on our last carrot, which has already been divvied up and added to the school lunchboxes, and I can no longer be arsed. Teamed with Biggest One going out of his way to annoy Littlest One to the best of his abilities (and he is

14 Replies to “Real Mums Review & A Giveway: Flutter Butter Popcorn!”

  1. Too many.
    I’m thinking about 57, but I will bet you missed some!
    Those suckers bounce away like mini marbles and end up, weeks later, when they sneakily roll out, hobbling you when you stick them with the spiky end of your heels on hard flooring like that.
    Small and Smaller could survive for weeks on popcorn alone, but I reckon the machine might overheat with the overuse if left to their own devices. Best I supervise and test the butter melting 😉

  2. 66 kernels. Hey, did you chuck ’em back in the machine? I would! Hot air sterilises them, surely? 😀

  3. Sixty little kernals visible on the floor,
    they like to bounce and roll away,
    I bet there’s many more.
    Hiding here and hiding there,
    I’m sure some reached the fridge,
    to find them all and sweep them up,
    can be a real nightmare!!

  4. I’m glad you asked – and my HUGEST apologies for not updating sooner (got all caught up with Mums’ Night Out!)

    The winner (whom has already been notified) is Samantha with her 57 kernels!

    Well done, Sam and your popcorn maker is coming your way shortly!

    I want photos and to hear what you did with the popcorn! 😀

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