Real Mums Tips: Helping Kids with their Spelling

School is back, and we’re all looking for easy, practical ways to help our kids thrive and support them in their learning.

Time constraints, busyness and other factors – such as certain subjects not being your particular forte – can make it difficult … we get it! Here’s a handy tip when it comes to assising and supporting your child when it comes to “literacy” subjects, including spelling and reading some basic words.

Grab yourself a set of magnetic letters (and numbers)

Place them on a magnetic black- or whiteboard. You want this displayed in a high traffic area in your house, where they will see it and have the opportunity to use it often.

The family fridge, therefore, makes the perfect place to keep your magnetic alphabet! Try that.

You could (if you could be arsed) yell out some words and your child/ren can make attempts at spelling the words using the magnetic letters.

Alternatively, let them play and see what words they come up with themselves. You’ll be amazed at the words the know that you didn’t know they knew … and be informed about what they are actually learning at school.

Once they have their spelling sorted, you might even like to add your own words and short phrases and see how they go with reading.

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