Reasons I Hate Book Week – Part 1

STOP! Before you click away, this is Not Another Bitch About What To Dress My Kids In For Book Week.

Whilst it seems the rest of Australia is in a frantic, mother-stressed frenzy about it all, I appear to be one of about three mums who is immune to the stress.

Not because I’m super organsied, super talented with sewing machine type things, or have a stash of appropriate costumes and dressups collected over my last decade and a half of mothering … I am simply not stressed because my Care Factor is sitting around zero.

Book Week in and of itself I am neither here nor there about. I love that it encourages the love of reading and all the rest of it, for I am very, very, very much for the idea of increasing literacy rates in Australia.

What I HATE, with a passion, about book week is the frenzied comments, the stress that far too many mums find themselves under, and stupid blog posts that appear, on the surface, to be all supportive and humorous and shit, and are basically nothing more than passive agressive judgement towards other mums.

Yes, I stupidly –

4 Replies to “Reasons I Hate Book Week – Part 1”

  1. Oh I totally agree with the judgement made that Comic/Superhero characters aren’t suitable for book week. FFS, a comic book is still something you read and if it encourages kids (especially my boy) to read, then that’s better than nothing. I’ve seen on other facebook pages that vehemently criticise any parents wanting to allow their kids to dress up as their favourite superhero – so what? Not like there’s a definite rule against it! It’s about fun. It’s about the kids getting involved in things they enjoy and if it means dressing up in a superhero costume then yeah, that’s fine. Honestly, I couldn’t care less and usually opt for super easy stuff they can wear and I don’t have to slave over. BUT, I do love seeing the different costumes that have been painstakingly made by other parents though!

  2. Thanks, Norlin. I honestly think a fair amount of the superhero costume is not about lazy, parent-fails as not wanting to put up with bullshit tantrums about wearing the frigging thing!

    Some of the costumes are awesome! Agree, love seeiing them, I just learnt to stop putting the pressure on myself about trying to achieve the same 🙂

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