Reflections and Resolutions

I’m sorry.

I’m going to bore you all with more of the same as what everyone else is doing at this time of year. Sorry.

It has been a rather … unusual year for me. It’s actually mostly been rather good. Lots more ups than downs, like have experienced in the last few years.

I think a fair chunk of that was because I let go of things that needed to be let go of. I have, essentially, finished the career of Real Mums, and whilst I begrudglingly, tearfully closed that door, many more have opened.

I am now a “working mum”. Which I am loving, because I tend to choose to do what I love, as much as I choose to love what I do.

Most of this year has been BIG contract work, as opposed to the smaller amounts I have been doing over the years. For massively huge corporations. It has been an incredible personal experience, as much as a business one, and so immensely insightful.

I experienced a boss who was horrendously horrible; and I am proud of myself for sacking that particular client. My general thing is to say “It’s only 4 weeks to go” and convince myself to carry on. I stood up for myself, for a change, and said “no”. To myself. Then to the organisation.

I’m sad for the people who didn’t – and still don’t – have the courage to say no to this person. I note, with just a small amount of smug glee, that over 6 months on they are still trying to find someone for the role … not that I’m stalking or anything. I just get sent emails for contract work, and there it is, every couple of weeks popping up for me.

My current, I am loving. Not just the team I work with, nor the role itself, but I am actively encouraged to develop. To learn more things, to challenge myself, and to get out of my comfort zone.

Which is a good thing, because after I left the Horrible Boss (and just for the record, the move, Horrible Bosses, had nothing on this person) I fell into a horrible heap of self loathing.

And I signed up for a 40 week business course.

I’m not quite 8 weeks into it, but am being challenged to develop and expand my skills and knowledge, to learn more things, to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone.

I have survived my three children, all three of whom are “challenging”. Each for differnent reasons. Polar opposite reasons, most of the time, which makes things somewhat more challenging when you have to deal with two of them at once.

My oldest child went oversees for two weeks, which was an amazing experience for all of us. Even if I didn’t get to go. Humph.

In reflection, it’s been a good year. Challenging at times, but also relieving. I learnt more about myself, and I actually did stuff that I rarely, if ever do. I developed some respect for myself, and I chose to do things that were hard, to let go, to move on … and it has been soooooooo goooood.

As for Resolutions … well, you should all know by now I don’t beleive in Resolutions. Also, we’re still a few days away from the new year, and I have a shitload of things to do before then!

And my new year starts in line with the Chinese New Year. That month of January is just a write off for doing anything resolutiony and sensible and shit. Just … don’t.

Mostly, I’m a “just fucking do it” kind of person. I used to be the “I’ll wait until Monday” and, basically, that’s just a load of shit. It’s a valid, social acceptable putting off type excuse.

I like to seize the moment when I am inspired to do so.

Also, it is a phrase we use a lot; mostly with the kids who faff and fuck about doing bugger all, as is the wont of children, and have to be asked a billionty times to do the things that are on their list of jobs to do and will be shot – or worse, have their pocket money withheld – if they don’t do it.

Thus, I have proudly displayed our Family Motto on the wall in the living area, for all to see. I don’t care if anyone finds it offensive, or inapporiate, or unsuitable for fully fucntioning and capable children. It is something we all need to be reminded of … so we adopted it.

Family Motto

It is also the reason I didn’t wait for the New Year to combine a number of my passions and do something that lights me up.

I have signed up for an Inspired Adventure, and to spend five says walking along 40 kilometres of the Great Wall of China, to be raising funds and awareness for Sane Australia.

I love walking. I am an advocate for mental health and wellbeing. I have wanted to visit the Great Wall of China since I was 10 … I cannot imagine a nicer, more exciting way to do this …

I have to wait bloody 9 months months. But I did booked it as soon as I could.

If you want to support me on my Great Wall for Sane craziness, you can do so here

I also need to come up with a brilliant hashtag to use and annoy you all with? Something mad cow and sane?

Not sure I’ve used those two words in the same sentence before now.

Got any ideas?

How was your year? And what you are your plans for next year?

What are you doing about them, right now? Because why wait?


Incredibly awesome hoop art was purchased from Pretty Fkn Embroidery. Not a sponsored plug or paid advert, I just think they’re pretty fkn awesome & someone is bound to ask.


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