Rejection Relief or Relieved Rejection

Monday night craziness, given Grumpy is filling in a shift, because he’s nice like that.

This requires a rushed walk home from school, should I walk, which I do, because I like it. Also the dulcet tones of my school aged children bitching about having to walk home fills me with such joy. It means we arrive at childcare for the Chippie collection just before 4pm, and home in time for me to suggest, at least 3 times, that they have snacks before we’re required to head out again, which they ignore and either make us late by just having to have a snack now.

Alternatively, they spend the next few hours complaining about how hungry they are and I get to participate in my most favourite activity, being “Well, I did suggest you eat. Perhaps you should listen to me next time? Hmmm?”

Unfortunately, 4pm is just after afternoon tea is served at childcare, and the children are let out for a run in the paddock. Chippie is increasingly resistant to collection any time before 4.07pm and it can take us a good 20 minutes to get

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