Relieving Not Family Day Boredom

Unlike the chilling temperatures and oppressive fog of the last few days, Melbourne put on a mild, blue-skied, relatively warm day.

It meant we could go outdoors wearing two layers and not the seven layers required of late. Extremities remained functional and feeling and Chippie could be strapped into his car seat.

Due to requirements, Family Day did not go ahead as usual.

Instead, between Grumpy Pants and I, we spent approximately twenty seven minutes combing the naturally formed dreadlocks out of Chippie’s hair and had much discussion about him ‘needing a haircut’ but not actually being able to come up with a day or time in which this was likely to be able to occur, much less actually occur.

Then, despite everyone wanting it to go this way, we were left with little alternative and all bundled into the car to do the rounds of various shops in order to obtain a few bits and pieces Grumpy Pants required for a new venture he is embarking on.

This excursion entailed much “Look with your eyes, not your hands!” and “Stop touching that!” and a little “Back away, NOW!”

Our last stop (we hoped – although knowing our luck,

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