6 Replies to “Relieving the boredom! (aka Baby Gift Wish List)”

  1. Well Congrats Miss Mad Cow on yet another wee bairn. Mind u – not so wee when u are a premmie mum like me. In fact as u have delivered the same weight as 3 of my babes so I wonder if I need to organise 3 gifts from the wish list??? Eeeeek I hope not but if so I am going with http://www.latoriana.com.au wraps as Elizabeth would have to be THE most gorgeous online retailer I have ever known!
    So Missy, Good luck with number 3 and hey guess what….it’s the 3rd that tips u, now u have him u can just keep going for 4 or 5. Hopefully like me u need to wear glasses and have a heavy build up of ear wax so that u can impersonate Helen Keller and life will be just grand. Enjoy Lovely Lady!

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