Review and Giveaway: The Tall Poppy Project

Over the years I’ve done a considerable amount of what is generally described as “personal development”.

I’ve read books, I’ve attended courses, seminars, forums … for my self, business, relationships and more.

It is something that never really ends. As in, you can’t just read one book, get it, apply all the knowledge, dust your hands off and say “Phew. That’s my life sorted now. Thank jeebus for that!”

Your ‘self’ is an ongoing project, not one something you can sprinkle with glitter and BlueTac to your wall once you’re done. Damnit.

Over the years, particularly with the massive increase in women – and particularly mothers – starting up their own businesses, I’m seeing an increase in books and courses (‘e’ and otherwise) pertaining to development of one’s personal self aimed at women. It’s kind of nice. And kind of overwhelming at the same time.

Then I received an email from creator of the Tall Poppy Project, Kylie Patchett, which read (in part):

I am so excited to release this book into the world! My deepest passion is to help all women stand tall and design life exactly as they want it to look and feel through true integrated health.

I was entirely sucked in by her enthusiasm and passion – when an email or phone conversation oozes passion, I’m entirely at their mercy. There is not much that feels better than when you’re passionate about something.

I was also a little intrigued; how was

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  1. I’ve struggled with lots of issues in the past few years. Issues that manifested in depression and caused me to retreat from the world for a while, just managing the everyday basics for myself and my family. The past six months have seen a big turn around in my ability to cope with all these issues – they haven’t necessarily gone away, but I am finding better ways to deal with them and to prevent them from limiting the way I live my life.

    I am really keen for 2013 to be the year I stand tall and proud as myself. I have very few ‘real life’ friends and family who understand my passion for writing and reading, but I am choosing to focus on those passions and make them a more significant part of my everyday life. I want to be confident enough to simply be myself instead of filtering what I do and say to make sure it fits in with the expectations of those around me. I want this not just for myself, but for my children so that I can set them a positive example of living a positive life that makes a difference.

    The Tall Poppy Project sounds like it would be perfect for helping me to stay focused on achieving all that I want to achieve this year. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Firstly I’ll read it. After that I hope I’ll be able to come up with something, as I’ve forgotten what it was that I aspired to be after I had a baby. Now she’s 2 and I’m 41, I’d like to think that I’ve got some more to do……

  3. The pile of unread and partly read books on my bedside table is impressive – at time of writing it contains two fantasy comedies, two parts of a trilogy about serpents and dragons, a sci-fi novel, some light historical fiction, a heavy historical fiction, and a book about changing brains. What’s missing from the pile is something that can inspire me in everyday life rather than providing me with the means of escaping that life for a while.
    First thing I’d do with Tall Poppies is perch it precariously on the top of the pile (as befits the title!) and lovingly admire the goal I’ve set myself for the year – to READ all the books in the pile. I can’t promise that it would be the first book I read (the sci-fi one is gripping and I MUST finish it and re-read it before I open any more), but it would definitely be the NEXT book I read!

  4. Ooohh … ruler of my own world .. that sounds great!! Can I have minions too? You know to do things like washing, ironing, cooking and packing school lunches??? And by school lunches I mean the “Easy” kind that take four hours to prepare and make you look like a perfect Mother??

    My goal this year is to simplify my life and be happy. Sounds simple but in the hollywood comedic drama – you know the ones where shit always happens and its amusing cause its constant and stupid – that I call my life the task of simplifying seems epic.

    I also like the sound of how you said “recipient of this project” … I think I would like to be someone’s project …

  5. Congrats to Susan and Yvonne!

    I’ve gone with you two! Well done.

    Emails are coming, reply with your addresses asap and I’ll send your books out asap!

    Congratulations! xo

  6. Thank you, received book today and look forward to a good read. Thanks Amanda and cheers to you Christie for the nice words.


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