Rights and wrongs

An odd week.

Stupid computer behaving worse than a three year old – actually, come to think of it, I think that’s about how old it is. Well that explains a lot.

Stupid, obnoxious thing.

Fortunately, the obnoxiousness of it all was balanced out be the coffee with a friend, the lunch with another, the aromatherapy party of another and the evenings of relaxation and complete uninterruptedness.

So good, I’m even making up words.

And tonight, the piece de resistance … five girly friends coming over, with about 13 chick flix between us, no kids and everyone is bringing food.

Makes up for the hassles I’m having with the computer … and the looming deadline I’m concerned about meeting because, for some reason, the program is no longer doing what it did do a week ago.

Better put the bubbles in the fridge and count the chocolate … that will fix everything.

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