First day back at school, today, for Monkey Boy.

He’s been put in a class seperate from two of his friends, which, pre-Christmas, he said was ok. We got the “Why’s?” and the explanations were satisfactory.

But today, he was sad. He didn’t want a new teacher. He didn’t want to be with these friends, he wanted those.

He cried. Which he rarely does.

How does one placate a sad child who does not want to be placated? Especially on the first day of school.

Besides which, I have to get my head around making some kind of school-acceptable lunch. And fit it into the lunch box.

And probably have to ensure he has all his school paraphernalia …

Missed my walk this morning, I’m not sure I like all this school stuff. It cuts into my me time.

Oh, bugger, and it’s Grumpy’s birthday tomorrow … hmmm, better do something about a pressie for him …

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