Safety First

Another crazy day nearing the end of school holidays. And well and truly time for the kids to be locked outside in the back yard.

For their own safety of course.

Firstly, as we were doing some major cleaning up and sorting of the piles of crap, every piece of paperwork (not just the artwork) Monkey Boy has done since kinder and ridding shelves, cupboards and floors of various stuff, we put Chippie neatly out of the way so he was safe from any danger.

Safely wedged in and unable to get out – at least, not until I’d taken several photos and stopped laughing long enough to rescue him – he was kept out of the danger his brothers were inflicting on the entire back yard.

Although we have enough cricket stumps to support International Cricket for some decades to come, under no circumstances are they to be used as cricket stumps. Light Sabre fighting is the current fad, and they have finally, after several months and much being screamed at by me, taken them to the back yard.

A rest was in order, and to ensure even further safety near the cubby house, a stump was placed at the bottom of the slide.

We’d really hate for anyone to get hurt 😐

Of course, another stump was artfully placed, by a wayward toss I’m guessing, some 10 foot up the tree in the back yard. This required the use of dad’s ladder, which they acquired from the other end of the house, adding “We’re so resourceful” as they wandered past a gaping mouthed Grumpy Pants. He was left only able to shake his head and say “Don’t break my ladder!” as they walked past.

They made it to dinner time with nary a mark on them. I put this down to Monkey Boy having accepted his fate should anything happen, and being more careful.

Or, more importantly, he is able to reassure me

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