Salvaging a disasterous meal

I admit it, I am one for making up recipes and experimenting.

Usually – or perhaps the term “inevitably” would be more appropriate – something goes wrong.

A few days ago our oven started doing weird things. Like the fan kept going when you turned it off. So we went the “turn it off at the fuse box” option.

Yesterday, in all it’s chilliness direct from the Antarctic, I felt a warm lunch was needed.

Home made gourmet mini-pizzas with spinach and home grown tomato. Oh, and lashings of cheese of course.

This actually sounds better that what it is. It makes me feel like I know what I’m doing and that I am someone to be respected and highly regarded in the Cooking Department. Perhaps some gouret Mum Chef, or Master-Preparer Of Family Meals.

Technically, it’s cheese and tomato

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  1. This reminds me of the time my oven door broke on me just as I pulled the cake out. My DD (21 today!) was in the high chair, friends were due over very soon, open the door and the glass falls out and shatters. Thank goodness the cake was finished. The poor repair man had an accident on his way to fix the door and smashed our new door. It took three weeks before our oven was usable again.

  2. A friend and I offered to cook dinner at another friend’s beach house (for 14 people). She and I are both farm girls, so went for a huge roast of lamb.

    Unfortunately the oven at the beach house didn’t heat above about 130-150 degrees celsius. Fortunately we had put the meat in relatively early. When we realised things were moving slowly we threw in more garlic, half a bottle of red and random herbs we nicked from the neighbours garden. Then we told everyone dinner wouldn’t be til 8.30 – 9pm and they should get moving on cocktails and nibbles.

    The end result was perfectly slow cooked lamb and guests sloshed enough that they wouldn’t have known if it was any good anyway…

  3. But were any of the meals smothered in tomato sauce or parmesan cheese .. or is it just my meals that need that kind of redemption???

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