Salvaging my Sanity

Back when my mother’s group started, I rapidly became known as The Party Queen.

I was especially useful to have as an acquaintance if you were in direct sales/ party plan, as I used Tupperware parties and the like, not just to satisfy my primal urge to be anally organised, but also to have some semblance of a social life between PND, having a newborn, embarking on a uni degree, starting a business and being married to a Chef whom, as they are prone to do, worked during those hours when normal people had a social life (who do you think cooks your dinner while you’re out at a restaurant? Hmm?)

Apart from which, most of the other members of my mother’s group sucked at organising outings, and they came to rely on me to ensure connection with other humans occurred for them.

It kicked off big time with Mums’ Night Out! which started off as geting a couple of my new-mum friends together and ended up HUGE!

What I didn’t recognise at the time, and have now come to appreciate is how beneficial these moments out where for my mental health. In fact, a close friend started calling catching up with me our “mental health moment”. So I stole the term and have applied it to events/dinners I organise.

Because, quite frankly, if I didn’t have these moments with a truly incredibly bunch of women, I’d be stark raving mad.

Or stark raving madder!

Aside from leaving the kids and hubby at home to have some Boy Time (allegedly involving pizza, beer and farts) and bond and all the rest of it, the ability to sit down, eat great food, not have to worry about anything and laugh at things other than the toddler saying “fuckin'” and the idiot 9 year old sliding down the stairs in a washing basket while the 7 year old is jumping on the bed, naked but for the box over his head, is just what my mind needs for a break.

It resets it back to less-insane, increases my tolerance levels for various acts of stupidity and tantrums, and re-enables my ability to think and function.

Sure a great night out with fabulous food and an awesome bunch of amazing, funny and supportive women is not for everyone. But it is for me.

If you wanna join me:

Friday 17th September 2010 kicking off at 7.30pm at my favourite restaurant, Prevale 236 Union Road, Ascot Vale 🙂

Bookings are essential and you can Book HERE!

Also, this event has the extra-specialness of being the super-special, ultra-exclusive, unofficial launch of my book Diary of a Mad Cow: A Guide to Bad Mothering where you will have the opportunity to purchase the book on the night at below the RRP price, and, and have it personally signed by me 🙂

If that sort of thing turns you on. You may prefer to sign it yourself or have one of the other guests there sign it. Or choose the non-graffitied on version. Whatever.

Hope to see you there 🙂

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