Same, same

Not for this morning to be outdone by some of last week’s mornings; for example, those mornings that involved dying goldfish and nakedness, this morning saw absolutely zero bread in the house.

This is neither a new or unusual phenomena, nor one that I have not encountered and adequately dealt with previously, it’s just that, well, I didn’t want to deal with it. Also, the Lack of Fridge thing is still going on, and food for school lunchboxes is scarce enough without staples being unavailable.

Also, the goldfish died over the weekend.

I prematurely donned my t-shirt, exercise pants and runners, mentioned to kids to get dressed and briskly traversed the 7 minutes to the local Aldi.

Aldi, apparently, does not open until 8.30a.m. – what kind of establishment is this? It was bad enough that the Coles, near where we used to live, stopped the 24-hour thing and ran from 6.00a.m. until midnight – although why that was a problem for me, I have no idea. I never went between midnight and 6.00a.m..

The problem with the Aldi thing is that I need to be leaving the house at 8.30. I need to be Vegemite-ing bread at 8.00, and not standing out the front of a closed supermarket that everyone assures me is “fantastic”, muttering swear words under my breath and willing my brain to think,

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