Sand Pit Phenomena

It has been the bain of my life since the children have been old enough to wear shoes in sandpits.

Usually whilst in the care of others, as I am a “no, you can’t play in the sandpit, you’ll drag sand in the house” and then I have to go and find my slippers because I can’t stand the crunchy bits under my feet when I walk across the floor kinda person.

Yet here it is. I am completely intruiged as to how much sand can fit in the allegedly already full shoe of a child’s runner. Surely it is impossible?

I’m most annoyed at the schools using fundraising money to top up the rapidly depleting sand pits. Surely

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  1. We have this problem at our house too, I cannot believe how much sand can fit in a 1yo’s shoe. And it never fully empties completely. Even if you take the inner sole out the sand still falls from the shoe everytime the child throws them off!

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