Scary, scary!!


Off to see Kung Fu Panda this morning.

I’m not looking forward to the afternoon.

Monkey Boy has commenced, after 18 months of gymnastics, attempting flips and cartwheels in the lounge. None of which was attempted during his sojourn with gymnastics. Nope, all due to Kung Fu Panda advertisements and previews.

He has also initiated Kung Fu fighting with his slightly smaller brother, who just doesn’t get it!

I’m really not looking forward to a post-movie afternoon, where he will undoubtedly pick up some moves that I’d really rather he didn’t.


Survived that. Barely.

Grumpy home early, so took the kids out for a bit. No opportunity for them to practice their newfound skills out on anyone for a few hours.

Then when they returned, they were too tired and sat quietly for some time.

I, however, remained on the edge of my seat, just waiting for the moment when the flips, jumps and karate chops started. The movie had given me a craving for Chinese food, so I produced my Chinese Chicken Noodle soup for dinner, which had to be called Kung Fu Panda Soup because Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup “tastes disgusting”

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