School Excursion Safety

Godzilla had a school excursion to the Royal Melbourne Show today.

It’s not officially opened yet, and was an opportunity to see things like chickens and plants and stuff and learn about stuff and things. Agricultural stuff and things.

I had made a note on my trusty WhiteBoard about such a thing, and have the note, telling me what was required of him on the day stuck nearby.

I obtained a small backpack, as specified, and packed the appropriate lunch and snacks.

I sent him off to ensure he had a warm jacket for the day and Melbourne’s random, unpredictable and inclement weather.

He returned; tracksuit pants, comfy shoes, t-shirt, jacket … and a high-vis vest. One with reflectors.

Monkey Boy, highly pissed that Godzilla had not only acquired such a vest, but had done so without his knowledge, demanded to know where it came from.

In typical Godzilla style, the demand was replied to with an “I dunno. Mum gave it to me once.”

On the other hand, I was confused and intrigued as to why it was a fashion choice for the day.

“But why?” I ask, incredulous.

“Just in case I get lost and accidentally wander onto a construction site,” he informs me, calmly, and clearly thinking I’m some sort of idiot.

I hate it when you accidentally wander onto construction sites. Especially when you’re checking out chickens at the showgrounds.

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