School Holiday Craft Activity: Geleez – an experience

Godzilla often suprises me.

I was asked, by the fabulous Moose Enterprises if I would like to have a bit of a play with their Geleez.

Personally, hell no. I don’t often do crafty stuff like that. And my boys weren’t overly interested, because it was a bit too girly for their liking.

11 year old is still convinced that girls have germs, therefore, by default, if you do girly type activities, you may start carrying girl germs yourself. There is, apparently, some logic in there but I can’t work it out.

Anyhoo, Godzilla decided he’d like to try them out, so I organised it for him.

Basically, Geleez are little stencil things, sort of like colouring in, only you do it on plastic that turns out to be removable stickers. There are little, pretty shaped tubes of Geleez paints, some glittery (depending on the pack) and you colour in between the lines, allow to dry (for six hours, or overnight), peel the backing off and stick to windows.

Removable, stained “glass” if you like. And they keep crafty kids entertained.

Godzilla insisted on doing them all there and then – the 3D butterfly kit and a bird scene.

He wasn’t phased about the “girliness” (yes, thank you Mr If You Can’t Say Anything Relevant Then Please Bugger Off!) of them all, he was just interested in painting them, because he was creating them for me and my office. Which was really sweet.

As an aside, we’ve been working with an OT for him, for some ongoing finger strength and development issues – this was an ideal activity to do with him for his fine motor control. Really good. Any ASD kids or anyone requiring some new ideas or activities for fine motor work, I’d recommend these.

Surprisingly – and if you knew Godzilla, you’d completely appreciate why I’m saying “surprisingly” – there was little mess with the first attempt, although he did squish the tubes a little hard and the colours ran a little, but it looks really cool!, and no mess with the next batch.

My office window sufficiently covered, and with plenty more completed Geleez to stick around the place, he took them up to the childcare centre that Chippie goes to, and asked if he could stick them on their windows.

They were absolutely delighted (the carers there are so awesome!) and let him stick them up himself.

So he did … and left with a big smile on his face.

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  1. They are great fine motor, finger strengthening activity, that didn’t even occur to me. Hmmm might have to add more Geleez to the Christmas shopping list.

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