School Holiday Fun

It’s day one of the school holidays.

Well, technically, I guess you could say “Day 3” as we’ve just had a weekend and school finished on Friday. But I usually start with the First Monday Of Holidays, as the weekends are an inevitable part of schooling and don’t really count.

We have done well.

So far, Chippie has been taught:

  • Cat’s bum (as in “I saw a cat’s bum!” at full volume, in places where there is little to no chance of a cat’s bum being spotted, yet where there is a good chance of crowds of people)
  • Squinter (a fabulous euphemisn for “cat’s bum” so eloquently delivered by Grumpy Pants to the children)
  • Up yours
  • Songs in which the word “poo” appears so frequently as to, in some verses, contain only the word “poo”, and
  • Get me …

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