School Holiday Update

School holidays is upon us in Victoria, so whilst we have grand plans to Continue As Normal this is really akin to nailing jelly to the ceiling.

There are a considerable number of things happening behind the scenes and unfortunately, during this “break”, some things will just have to wait. Damnit.

The blog will, therefore, be a little quiet over the next two weeks, whilst we do what we can with the resources available. Those resources being Time and Length Of Tether/Levels of Tolerance.

The Club Community forums will be manned and moderated as per usual, email responses may be a little delayed and/or fraught with frustration or calls for help.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during time.

We also hope you enjoy the school holidays and extra time spent with your children (*snigger*)


Mad Cow and Real Mums Admin Team

P.S. It also happens to be Mad Cow’s birthday today and, given previous years’ experience, she may be having

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