School holidays and business meetings

One of the joys of working from home means that you get to spend more time with your kids.

(Did I say “joys”?)

It also means that you get to take them to business meetings with you.

An hour’s drive away, at a pub.

It gets them out of the house and doing something a bit different to all the other kids at their school

It also means they can charm my suppliers and get free stuff out of them. Fortunately, this supplier is onto them – now – and produced lollypops rather than product.

They ate and successfully entertained themselves for the most part.

The other joy, which nobody had warned me about prior to me having kids, was being amazed at their ability to think up new and creative ways of communicating with me.

Like, oh, sitting in the men’s toilets and screaming as loudly as possible until I worked out it was them screaming (becuase they couldn’t reach the toilet paper).

Why one of them was incapable of coming to tell me was never established, despite all efforts.

As was my ability to explain to them why I couldn’t enter the men’s toilets (the men in there don’t like it, I might get in trouble, they smell and are icky).

All ended well, products and invoiced exchanged, work negotiated, wine had ….

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