School lunches a challenge

It all started towards the end of 2012, when my social media feeds were being filled with allegedly easy school lunch box ideas, many of which, really, constituted art, craft, construction or some sort of erection.

Of food stuffs. Like how one would erect a building.

I give up.

They were far from ‘easy’ in so far as the word ‘easy’ is defined, so I started sharing my equally-if-not-more nutritious lunches that my kids get in their school lunch boxes every day, and have done so since the biggest one, now 13 and in year eight at high school, started kindergarten at the beginning of 2005.

That’s nine years of making school lunches; it gets eaten, there are few, if any complaints, and when there are, I mostly ignore them. Unless they are legit. Mostly, they’re for the sake of having a whinge, because that’s what kids do, and they let up considerably after a very short time of being ignored by me.

I started posting these pictures of my ‘creations’, assuming you define ‘grabbing a handfull of stuff and stuffing it in a lunch box’ and ‘swiping a slice of bread with margarine and vegemite, and cutting it into something that sort of resembles triangles’ creating. I just really wanted to let others know that decent school lunches, that provide suitable fuel for learning and play, fibre, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients really is easy and requires very little time, money and stress.

I have no stress and absolutely NO Guilt when it comes to school lunches, yet I hear soooooo many mums feeling stressed and guilty about what they’re giving their kids. Sadly, most of these mums are doing something perfectly acceptable, and more suitable than the artily crafted lunches.

Right now, I’m halfway through a 30 Day School Lunchbox Challenge, organised and hosted over at Real Mums,

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