School Lunches: Made With Love

“How was school today?” I asked, futilely, again, of my high schooler.

He was first home, so he copped it first.

“Good,” he replied.

Incredibly, he can make the word “good” sound like any given number of feelings at any one time. Usually, it is undertoned with a negative emotion; but I suspect that is more because it is against all rules for pre-teen, and teenage children to actually feel school was ‘good’ so they can’t actually sound as though they mean it was ‘good’.

But they also can’t tell you it was ‘boring’, ‘shit’ or ‘horrible’ because you’ll just have words to them about their attitude and if they looked at things from a different perspective then school would be so much FUN!

And ‘good’.


“How was your lunch?” I asked.

I asked because I had spent a fair portion of the day with a five-year-old and really needed to talk to someone closer to my own age. Twelve was closer.

Also, being the most horrible and incompetent parent that I am, not only are we out of tomato sauce, but we have a severe deficit of peanut butter; a substance that he has been deprived of for all of his schooling years – except now! High school allows peanut butter!

Or would, if we had any to put on his sanga.

A Saucegate Update
A Saucegate Update

He got cheese instead.

Everything else I suggested was “euwww”.

I am still unclear if it is because

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