School projects and homework

A homework sheet came home today.

Stuffed in the bottom of the school bag, along with a school excursion form and an invitation for me to attend the Mother’s Day afternoon tea at school. Last Friday.

A sheet that appeared to have been residing their since the Jurassic era, and one I imagine I was supposed to have received well before today, as it listed a number of activities for a project to be handed in on June 5th.

Less than a month away. I can’t imagine the school giving them this much work to do in less than 4 weeks. It also sheds light on the discussions I’ve been hearing around school about space, and dioramas and rockets being built.

5 activities to complete in 3 weeks, and with a child who not only has the procrastination gene, but appears to have inherited a set from both parents, and, therefore, can procrastinate like I have never, ever seen before in my life!

Having a good look a the activities they can choose – they are presented with 30 and may choose five – I’m not actually convinced this is about learning or teaching the children fabulous skills like good planning and creativity. I actually suspect its to see which parents

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