I couldn’t leave on my Great (in)SANE Inspired Adventure without a final post and saying seeya!


I am, right now, excited and scared, overwhelmed and nervous, and wondering if I have underpacked or overpacked … because, you know, I have that think where I have to Pack Stuff Just In Case; you know, just in case the 26 degree Celcius temperatures turn, and we find ourselves in the middle of a blizzard or something.

Also that disorder I have where I need to back something like 17 times the number of knickers than days I’m actually away for. I even went so far as to purchase special “Travel underwear”, which amongst other things is quick dry; the premise being that I can wash them and wear them the next day, without feeling like I’ve wet myself.

This, right here, this tagline is equally causing me to connipt, and allowing me to challenge myself and see if I can do it … actually, I’ve already packed, and failed in the “two pairs” miserably. They’re packed. They just have lots of friends coming along, too.

Aside form the incredibly amazing experience I am determined to have, I also hope that I am doing something towards enlightening others about mental illness, in a way that is conducive to support, reducing stigma, and providing a greater understanding of what it feels like to have a mental illness.

I hope people are more aware of SANE Australia and the services they provide. I am extremely grateful for all the support that many of you have given me, whether you’ve donated some funds to SANE, or provided me with moral support and encouragement. Or both.

I do know that the funds go towards doing wonderful things to support those with mental illness, and those who care for them.

Anyhoo, I really must get myself more organised before I go and make sure I have everything (like my anal self hasn’t confirmed this seventeen times already. This morning.)

I’ll do my best to post some updates as and when I can, but I do know there’ll be limited access to the interwebs, so they’ll likely be sporadic.

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