Send him back!

I was waiting for it.

You hear all those stories of Mums having second, third, fourth etc babies and one of the older siblings making that comment about “Send it back!” when they come for a visit to the hospital.

Never had it when Godzilla was born. In fact, Monkey Boy just wanted to pat him.

Didn’t get it in hospital with Chippie either. Or when we brought him home. Nor for the first six weeks.

Until today. When Monkey Boy was at his most delighted, annoying Godzilla whenever and wherever he could.

“He’s annoyning me! I hate him.”

“I know, ” (aside to Monkey Boy, tell him off for being obnixious little turd etc etc blah blah blah – the usual) “but you don’t really hate him. He’s just really annoying you now.”

(Attempt at good mother cross psychologist thing)

“I hate him. I want you to send him somewhere else to live!”

Hmm. Well, I was waiting for it. I just didn’t expect it in that form.

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