September 20th

Was on the phone to WorkCover today, trying to work out what could be done about the distressed staff at the childcare centre. Distressed person does not make for good child looking after. I know, I’m a Mum!

I had not begun to tell the woman on the other end the story, when all hell broke loose and I had to separate two ferals intent on braining each other with a remote control car and an abacas.

At this point, I forgot why I was ringing, and asked if it was OK to be under the influence of valium whilst you were performing your “job” as a Mother. Apparently this is OK.

Woo Hoo, parenting is not covered by WorkCover!

(On the other hand, when the hell is it going to be reconised as a “job” so we can get some sort of benefit out of it. Coz, lets face it, at times there is none)

I got onto the issue at hand, and was thankfully left in peace to dicuss my concerns and work out what could be done about it. I hung up to discover Monkey Boy and Godzilla playing with a torch.

A torch which was located in a cupboard. A very high up cupboard. Which also contains the medicine, so a very, very high up cupboard.

Monkey Boy had used a chair. His chair, so that, allegedly, makes it OK. Except that he and the chair combined are still not tall enough to reach the very, very high up cupboard. Godzilla informed me, in his little 3 year old voice, that “he did got the red bucket”.

The Red Bucket is their dirty clothes bucket. A large bucket with rope handles.

This had been placed on the chair, upside down, in order to reach the very, very high up cupboard with the torch. I’m still not quite sure how the Red Bucket perched upside down on the chair, given that its circumference is greater than that of the chair seat (see I did learn something at school).

I told Monkey Boy he was not to watch his father change light globes any more.

Then I rang WorkCover back, just to check that parenting really doesn’t come under any of their conditions.

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