September 22nd

We went out for a lovely dinner. For my brithday. Grumpy pants organised it.

Of course, he turned up late, as he had to go and help his brother out with something, rang to say he’d be late and would meet us at the restaurant. His brother was coming too, so that was ok. At least he rang. And they’d be at the restaurant on time.

So I got the kids and myself organsied (“Aren’t we going out Mummy? Then why are you making your face all dirty?”), got to the restaurant, where they were a few of our party there.

At this point, we had one chair left to fill. But three more people coming. Hmmm.

Then remembered that another two were coming, just a little later. Still only one chair available.

And this restaurant gets chokkas! There were no more tables for us to use to accomodate for the five additional – and, yes, confirmed – attendees.

So, I waiting till Grumpy Pants got there and explained the situation to him. And told him to chat to the stressed out waiter, and to FIX IT NOW!!!

“Oh, yeah. I was gonna ring them and tell them the numbers might go up.”

Hmm. Grumpy is still struggling with the fact that the restaurant staff only set enough places for the number of people he booked for, and not more. And they certainly didn’t set enough places for the number of people that were actually coming!

At least the food was nice. And the kids fell asleep on other people.

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