September 23rd

Received my birthday present of a book that I’ve not only already read, but have owned a copy of for at least 12 months. But its the thought that counts. Was also treated to a lie in, consisiting, also, of a very wriggly three year old and a very bouncy five year old. Fun, fun, fun.

Also got to make myself breakfast. Again.

Heading off on our trip to Sydney very early tomorrow morning, so I spent most of the day avoiding packing.

Of course, its my job to pack. I will pack for me and the kids, but not for Grumpy. He is to get his own clothes, put them on the bed and I will put them in the suitcase. I will do no more than this.

Most of the conversations today went along the lines of:

“Have you packed for me, yet?”

“Have you got your clothes out for me to pack?”


“Well, then…”

“Have you packed for me yet?”

“Have you got your clothes out for me to pack?”


“Well, then …”

“Oh, are you all packed, what did you pack for me?”

“Did you get your clothes out for me to pack?”


“Well, then, you have nothing packed!”

“Oh, can you get my clothes for me?”

“Oh, for fucks sake! I’m not your fucking mother, do it yourself!”

Eventually got the point across, packs his weather approriate clothes and three pairs of undies (to my 16). We’re going for a week. How do men do it?

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