September 25th

Headed off to Toronga zoo, via double decker train and ferry. Then hopped on the sky rail thingo to the top of the hill, with the plan of working our way back to the ferry by foot, taking in the animals as we went.

A giant, stuffed koala greeted us upon arrival (when I say greeted, well, it was a permanent fixture with a sign over its head saying “Welcome”) that the kids just had to have their photo taken with. For about 20 minutes, until we could drag them away. Then they wanted to eat.

Godzilla spent a further 20 minutes standing under the sky rail screaming “Look, a gondola” and laughing manically everytime one passed by overhead. Every 2.3 seconds.

We then checked out a drinking fountain, some garbage bins confined behind cages of bamboo, so more “gondolas”. There were some animals there, but we weren’t really interested those. There was also lots of “yeah, come on, we’ve seen it, can we eat now”s, we went on the zoo train, ate at the zoo cafeteria, and finally made it to the bottom and back to the ferry.

Back to the hotel, the long way, another swim, dinner at the hotel restaurant, accompanied by tantrums because I prohibited the Weariing Of Pyjamas Whilst Eating At A Restaurant, up to bed.

Where the bed jumping, now mastered, continued …

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