September 27th

Kids have been dragged around Sydney for two days, ferried under the Bridge, several times, trained and walked over the Bridge, visited the opera house, Darling Harbour, had several goes on the monorail, visted the Acquarium… and all they wanted to do was go back to the hotel for a swim and some food.

Monkey Boy became a tourist attraction for the Japanese, who came in by the busload whilst we were having ‘cinos outside. They surrounded our table, and suddenly became animated, talking excitedly and waving hands. A lady came over and patted him, pushed her face against his and had a couple of photos. Till another lady pushed her out of the way and did the same, all the while talking vivaciously, while another hundred or so looked on in admiration.

Poor kid didn’t know what was going on.

And I was laughing so hard I didn’t think to charge them five bucks a click.

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