September 28th

Headed off to relatives house to catch up and spend a night or two.

Of course, Chickie, Godzilla’s current flavour of the month as far as stuffed toys goes, went missing last night. Depsite frantic searching through the entire motel room – under blankets, in drawers, through our massive pile of dirty clothes and jumbled suitcases, our hunting was fruitless.

Godzilla ended up crying himself to sleep on the end of our bed. And woke up the next morning, sobbing “I wan’ my Chickie”.

“Where is Chickie?” we ask. Which we both no is a pointless, futile exercise as, being three, the answer is inevitably “Coz” or “I don’ know” or “I see a blue train”.

Once again the frantic hunting begins until I have enough and send them all off for a walk so I can pack (surprise, surprise – Mummy gets to do the packing again) and hopefully find Chickie.

No Chickie.

Their return accompanies more tears from Godzilla wanting his Chickie. We admit defeat and offer to speak with reception and housekeeping when we check out.

Do a final room check, and open the fridge to reclaim the remaining chocolate.

And there is Chickie!!!! Ah, what relief. Bundle everyone and everything

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