September 6th

Two more assignments hashed together and submitted.

A relief, really, as one was a presentation. A fabulous powerpoint presentation, put together by me on behalf of our group. Yes, a group presentation, which required co-ordination, communication skills and the ability to work together.

All of which was managed perfectly.

The result being a well put together powerpoint presentation. Which was contained, solely, on a single memory stick. Seen last night, just before bedtime, by a 3 year old Godzilla.


After several discussions that went something along the lines of:

“Where is it?”

“I put it dere.”

“Um, no you didn’t. Now where is it?”

Repeat. With 3 year old pointing at random spots not containing vital memory stick.

The stick was eventually retrieved half an hour later, by a 3 year odl Godzilla lying on the floor and reaching into the nether regions of the underneath of my bookshelf.

Fortunately, it was still funtioning after its retreival. And Godzilla removed his arm from under the bookshelf with all fingers in tact. So that was nice.

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