Seven Times

Attempting to leave the house for a birthday party.

Not one I was invited to, but one the kids were invited to. So not like I cared that much.

Although a few of my friends were going to be there.

I’d managed to get them to eat breakfast. I’d managed to get Monkey Boy to get himself dressed.

Godzilla, however, was asked, and asked, and asked. He was doing his usual: getting naked, jumping on the bed (naked), sitting on the floorboards playing cars (naked), crawling under the bed to retreive god knows what (naked), running around outside (naked).

It got so that every time I passed his bedroom i was just saying “get dressed”. Pavlov’s dog style … I went past the room, “get dressed” came out of my mouth.

I pass again. He’s lying on the floor, playing with a truck. Naked. “Get dressed” I murmur.

Without looking up, throwing a tanty or anything, he calmly imforms me that “You have to tell me seven times before I get dressed.”

Then promplty got up, got dressed and we were ready to leave.

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