"Sex" is inappropriate!

A standard breakfast, lots of reminders to actually sit down and eat, making lunches and promptings to put pants on for school. Etc.

And then from Godzilla, over his WeetBix …

“Mummy, sex is inappropriate.”

Hmmm. I wonder if I want to go anywhere with this. Not quite sure which reponse is going to get me the lest discussion and/or follow up quesitons, I reply with “Yes. Yes it is.”

“He said “sex”!” he informs me, pointing at his brother.

Gee, that’s a surprise, his older brother saying somethng inappropriate!

(I’m also very impressed he can pronounce the word “inappropriate” yet still can’t manage “three” or “Thursday”)

“Yuh huh,” I reply. I had to say something. I look over and he is writing on a piece of paper. He brings it over to show me. It is the “Passport” for the planet, Saturn, that Monkey Boy had created for his space expo at school. We were both given one when we went to visit Saturn. Godzilla was finally getting around to filling his out (not sure why, perhaps he needs a holiday?) …

Name: GODZILLA (the Z wrong way around)

Age: 6 (only it was written back to front)

Home Planet: EARTH


Sometimes I really hate the English langauge. It is far too complicated for the interpreation to come out of the mouth of a mother (as well educated and articulate as she is) and be received as intended by a literal 6 year old boy.

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