Sexy and they know it

After reading several of my posts last year, many of which involved me either being required to talk to a child’s penis as he stood naked in front of me, asking futile or non-seniscle (but funny) questions or bitchig about not being able to do soemthing he wanted and/or his older brother, all whilst I was trying to have a relaxing bath, or just subject to his otherwise nakedness around the house, a good friend shared this with me on my Facebook page.

She suggested I share it with my children, with the aim being it might actually encourage them to, at the very least, desist with the nakedness and wear underpants.

Give the 8 year old never has, I wasn’t holding out much hope for this to happen.

It didn’t.

Aside from causing Grumpy and I to cry laughing, and turn it up whenever it came on the radio, it had little other positive effect.

Unless, of course, you count us encouraging the 3 year old to learn the words to it. Which he refused to do. For a while at least.

The only major effect it did have was to provide our older children with ideas, to wit they would put their hands behind their heads, thrust their pelvises (pelvi? Whatever the plural of pelvis is) in our direction and say “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle – yeah!” whenever we told them off.

In so far as the video itself impressing me … my first thought was “meh, seen way more than that in my own house on a daily basis” and it wasn’t overly anything new really.


Still, Grumpy and I have learnt the words to it now, and give the kid back a bit of their own.

And, yes, we keep our underpants on.

That is not a sight you can undo … please stop thinking now!

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