Share the Love & We'll Pay it Forward

You may – or may not, whatever – recall that last year Real Mums instigated a revolution to let mums all over the place (and mums who ARE all over the place!) know that they are not alone, that they are supported, and that others have empathy and understanding of their various, often public, predicaments.

Real Mums wanted to let mums know that they’re that there are others out there who can see that they are doing their best under the circumstances, and that that’s cool.

Really, I just wanted to break through all the negative crap we hear far too much of, about mums being judged, criticised, condemned, and spoken to harshly in public. Just to put something nice out there.

Anyhoo, it was nothing huge, just a set of cards that one could carry around on their person, and when they saw another mum in need of support, understanding or a hug, they cold whip a card out, and subtly present her with it without making a big deal. Or actually giving her a hug, which whilst it is a really lovely thing to do, it is sadly frowned upon on this society to randomly walk up to strangers and give them a hug, whether they need it or not.

Not that this ever stops me, by the way – I’m a random-hugger-when-I-see-you-need-it kind of person – I just know others would

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