Shell LEGO Ferrari Car Giveaway!

Cos I’m sick of standing on the stuff!

Well, I’d like to, but not really – I would be lynched, or possibly harangued by my children until I went insane. Or, insaner than I already am!

You may have heard, recently (around the time the F1 Grand Prix was on, here in Melbourne last month) that Shell, Ferrari and LEGO Group in Australia got their little heads together and created six limited edition,

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  1. Last year when I was on the plane, I had to use the toilet. When I came out, I didn’t know I had toilet paper stuck on the back of my shorts. To make matters worse, we hit turbulence and I feel in the aisle

  2. When I was in primary schoo I used to ride my bike to school everyday. And every morning mum would see me off. And every afternoon she would be waiting for me at the letterbox. Well one lovely day I was excited to be getting home and tell mum good news, I can not remember the news and honestly I don’t think I ended up telling her……because as I was coming to the corner I had to go around befor getting to my house, I saw my mum, and I started waving, and she waved back…..and the next thing I know I’m face planted on the back of a station wagon so hard I left a face print o_O and mum is running down the foot path laughing so hard I thought she would pee trying to ask if I am ok but yeah lol I was so embarrassed and from that day on reserved my waving untill I had gone around the corner 🙂

  3. As most mothers are fully aware Lego gets everywhere so I thought I would relay ‘David Letterman ‘ style the top 10 places in which I have going Lego:
    10 – under my foot in the middle of the night
    9 – in my hand bag
    8 – on the kitchen table
    7 – starring at me on my office desk
    6 – in the centre console of the car
    5 – in the laundry basket
    4 – in the bottom of the washing machine
    3 – in the bottom of my shoe
    2 – in my undies draw
    And the number 1 place in which I have found Lego
    1- in my cleavage!!!! After wearing the single top for the most part of the day!

  4. Joddles – that is bloody hilarious. The only thing that would make that better is a video of it.

    I’ll give you the cars anyway! Please email your postal address asap and I’ll organise to get them sent to you 🙂

    After I stop laughing, of course 😀

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