Shhh. It's Top Secret

Sometimes, stuff in life happens to you that you just physically can’t keep to yourself. Regardless of the Top Secret, eclusive, unofficiality of it all.

Or, perhaps, because of the secrety, unofficialdom of it.

Anyhoo. months ago was to be the publication of my first book. Unfortunately, Shit Happened, as it is prone to do, and the publication of the book was delayed and I spent lots of time Foetal Positioning and feeling very sad, followed by lots of coffee and wine and doing shit about it and …

… and, well, I’m not suppsed to say.

But I will! Cos I’m SO EXCITED! My book is finally off to the printers, and the publishers are fast tracking a limited number so that I have a more valid excuse for getting pissed on bubbles, or whatever, at the next Mental Health Moments Dinner that I’m organising for my friends over at Bad Mother’s Club. And anyone else who wants to come along.

Thus, the Mental Health Moments Dinner on Friday September 17th has now become the official unoffical, super-exclusive,

3 Replies to “Shhh. It's Top Secret”

  1. I know how much you love comments, so here goes – How excitement!

    I still need to organise babysitting, but count me in until advised otherwise. And make sure you save a book for me….

    Awesome news, Amanda!

  2. Will put aside a book for you, Dorothy. Bring cash so you can buy lots LOL

    Emma, you could always just pop over 🙂

    Will let everyone know when book is available, don’t you worry about that.


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